Quick Refresher

While some self-improvement efforts don’t happen overnight — like dropping 15 pounds — you can take simple steps to feel better immediately. Check out these quick fixes for freshening up in under 10 minutes:

Exercise. A quick burst of physical activity gets the heart moving and muscles pumping. Increased blood flow not only stimulates your mind and revs your engine, but also temporarily tightens body parts. A couple sets of push-ups will leave you feeling toned in the upper body, while a sprint around the block will set those leg muscles on pulsate. Of course, consistent physical activity will mean lasting results.

Wash your face. A splash of cold water flushes more than dirt and oil down the drain. It revitalizes — rinsing away the toxins clogging your pores and stresses cluttering your mind. Your face is your image center, so clear the canvas; the clean sensation can enhance energy and self-esteem.

Brush your teeth. Besides in the morning and before bedtime, how often do you scrub those pearly whites? The National Institutes of Health say dental plaque begins developing within 20 minutes of eating, which means your mouth needs cleaning after every meal or beverage. A 2-minute zap of oral freshness can awaken both your outer and inner sparkle.

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