Qualifying supplements

DID YOU REALIZE that the vitamins and other dietary supplements you use are not regulated the same way that prescriptions drugs are by
the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)?

Luckily, an independent certification program, United States Pharmacopeia (USP) is on watch, safeguarding many of the dietary supplements you use from contamination and adulteration.

USP is a nonprofit scientific organization with nearly 200 years of experience that establishes federally recognized standards for the quality of drugs and dietary supplements. It is the only such organization that also offers voluntary verification services to help ensure the quality,
purity and potency of dietary supplements.

Seeing the USP Verified Mark on a dietary supplement label or package means that product:

■ contains the ingredients listed on the label in the declared potency and amounts
■ does not contain harmful levels of specified contaminants, such as heavy metals, microbes and pesticides
■ will break down and be released into the body within a specified amount of time
■ has been made according to the FDA’s current Good Manufacturing Practices, using sanitary and well-controlled procedures.

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