Prostatitis is a disease that affects up to 14 percent of men worldwide

Prostatitis is a disease that affects up to 14 percent of men worldwide, yet doctors are puzzled about how to effectively treat the condition. Now, a natural compound may offer the first sign of relief.

Michael suffered for 16 years with a mystery illness. He says, “I had periods where I would get better and worse — back and forth. I really just learned to live with it.”

Michael has chronic prostatitis. Common symptoms include painful swelling in the genital area, frequent and burning urination, and sometimes erectile dysfunction.

Daniel Shoskes, M.D., an urologist at the Cleveland Clinic in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, says, “Its a very common problem and one that men don’t talk about. ”

Because the symptoms vary so much, Dr. Shoskes says the disease has baffled doctors for years. “We don’t really have a good handle as to what the etiology is and what the best treatment approaches should be,” he says.

Michael searched for help on the Internet. He found a study using bioflavanoids — natural compounds with potent antioxidants.

Dr. Shoskes, M.D., says, “We found that people with prostatitis had very high levels of oxidants in their prostatic fluid, so it seemed reasonable to try a regime of antioxidant therapy.”

A month long study with the bioflavanoid cuercetin found 83 percent of the participants improved dramatically.

Dr. Shoskes says, “I’ve been called and e-mailed by patients from all over the world who have said that they’ve sometimes been suffering 10 or 20 years and that this has been the first thing to give them durable relief.”

Now Michael says life is not such a struggle anymore. “It’s something off your mind. It allows you to be free and feel much better about yourself physically.”

Dr. Shoskes stresses that bioflavanoids may not be a cure but they do eliminate most of the troubling symptoms associates with the disease.

Source: Ivanhoe

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