Prostate enlargement

The prostate gland surrounds the urethra, which in males is the tube taking urine from the bladder. With increasing age, the prostate gland can swell, restricting and then finally blocking the flow of urine.

Usually doctors recommend surgery; either removal of the prostate gland by prostatectomy or they shave a larger track through the prostate for the urine to go. There are number of drugs which can relax the bladder neck muscles and improve the flow and others, such as finasteride (Proscar) which can block the hormone dihydro testosterone (DTH) which is what causes the gland to swell.

What you can do – Don’t allow the bladder to overfill as this can sometimes result in a complete blockage. Make sure that the bladder empties completely. Physical activity such as walking 2-3 hours per week can reduce the symptoms by 25%.

Nutritional supplements

Saw palmetto is a Chinese herb which suppresses swelling of the prostate improving symptoms in an unexplained yet effect way. Lycopene is found in pink fruits, especially cooked tomatoes. When concentrated in the prostate gland it can reduce BHP.

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