USANA 2021 Immunity Resolutions


USANA 2021 Immune Support


Bring your new, healthy hygiene and immunity habits into 2021. And be ready for whatever the new year has in store with our immune-focused Support and Maintain Pack.

USANA Probiotic
supports strong, healthy gut and immune defense*










overall wellness and vitality support from organic, antioxidant-rich shiitake and reishi mushroom powders*










Proflavanol C200
grape seed + unique Poly C blend for antioxidant, immune, and skin health*










Booster C 600
essential immune system support in an easy-to-mix powder*










Natural ways to maintain your immune system are crucial to a healthy lifestyle. Check out this daily breakdown of habits to support your immune system even on your busiest days.*


Its job is to keep you healthy. So, treat it right by incorporating these simple, researched-based habits into your day-to-day routine to support your immunity.*

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Supported, healthy, and happy,*



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