Prevent Migraines – Minus The Meds

Go ahead – splurge on that gym membership! It might help your migraines, according to a recent study. Almost 100 migraine sufferers cycled indoors three times a week for 40 minutes, attended weekly relaxation sessions, or took a daily dose of the drug topiramate (Topamax and generic) for three moths. At the end of the study, exercise proved just as good at preventing migraines as the medication and relaxation treatments. And all three groups experienced comparably fewer migraines.

Fun-sized candy leads to XL-sized pants

Drop that “fun sized” snack! You’re more prone to keep eating, research shows, especially if you’re already feeling down about your weight or appearance. When people with low self-esteem were given eight small packs of candy, they ate more than when they got the same amount in two large packs. Researchers said the small packs’ built-in portion control might have made people feel like they didn’t need to resist.

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