Nourishing Conditioner

Get a spa-like after-shampoo conditioner treatment for dull, dry, and dead chemically-processed or color-treated hair. The exclusive USANA’s Nourishing Conditioner is infused with deeply nourishing vital nutrients. The Sensé™ Nourishing Conditioner will moisturize your hair instantly and nourish the roots. Massage your scalp with this emollient packed with potent nutrients and botanical extracts that can miraculously leave your hair rejuvenated, strengthened, and smoother.

The all-new, innovative Nourishing Conditioner keeps the moisture and nutrition intact in your hair locks. Blow dry your hair to relish the blinding shine and smoothness.

  • Lightweight on hair
  • Deep moisturizer for roots
  • Locks the moisture and nutrients in hair
  • Leaves hair shiny, smooth, and soft
  • Protects hair damage due to styling
  • Safe for chemically-processed or color-treated hair