Not-So-Secret Weight Loss Secrets

Despite countless gimmicks that promise to melt away fat, losing weight isn’t a magic trick. But it doesn’t have to be complicated. Keep it simple with these suggestions for trimming fat the healthy way:

Load up. Jumpstart your metabolism by eating breakfast — and we’re not talking about a toaster pastry or energy shake. Try to cover multiple food groups — like a bowl of whole grain cereal and lowfat milk topped with berries and sliced almonds or low-sodium vegetable juice and whole grain toast with lean protein.

Flush out. Make H2O your primary hydration source, trading in your sodas and fancy coffee drinks for 100% juices, lowfat milk, and tea when you need a little variety.

Scale down. You could count calories and cut carbs, but studies show that simply curbing portions can reduce your pants size. Use small plates, set aside half your meal before you take a bite, and stick to the single-serving policy.

Get moving. Cardiovascular activities like jogging, walking, and swimming help expend calories and burn stored fat. Recent research suggests that aerobic exercise may even help curb weight gain by suppressing appetite.

Pump iron. To enhance the metabolic benefits of aerobic exercise, incorporate strength training into your fitness routine. Increasing muscle mass helps your body burn calories more efficiently, even when you’re not working out.

Write it down. For best results, keep a food diary, which a Kaiser Permanente study says may double the flab you lose.

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