Nausea Wristband

Many people get an upset stomach now and then. For some people, nausea is a constant torment. A new device helps soothe even the worst upset stomach.

Janice, Nausea Sufferer:
“The nausea in the last 6 to 8 months had gotten to the point where I could hardly stand it without medications that made me very tired and sleepy and unable to function.”

Janice has suffered from nausea since childhood. In the past two years she has lost 74 pounds because of it. Then Janice tried a battery-powered wristband.

The wristband delivers a mild electrical current to the spot on the wrist acupuncturists target to combat nausea. The band is currently being used to ease motion sickness, nausea from chemotherapy and morning sickness.

Kimberly, Nausea Sufferer:
“My goal was to be up and around throughout the pregnancy as much as possible and not to be bedridden as I had in the past.”

Kimberly was hospitalized because of intense nausea during past pregnancies. Now expecting her fourth child, she came to Dr. Koch.

He says almost 75 percent of his patients who use the wristband have found relief from chronic nausea.

Dr. Koch:
“So by stimulating on the arm, we believe that the signals from the stomach are being blocked in some unknown fashion and thus our patients feel the nausea is less or maybe even relieved totally. ”

For patients like Kimberly and Janice, they say it’s the answer they’ve been hoping for. The wristband is covered by most medical plans.

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