Music Heals

It’s cheap. It’s relaxing. It might make you feel better, and it doesn’t have any side effects. Sound like music to your ears? It is, and it’s called music therapy!

 Longtime migraine sufferer Carol was tired of taking pills. She wanted a remedy that didn’t include side effects. “When I have a migraine headache, it affects me physically and emotionally,” says Carol. “It’s very debilitating. It’s very painful.”

August, a mind-body counselor in Chicago, recommended Carol try music therapy. “Studies show that music is the most effective in terms of bringing relaxation,” he says.

Beyond helping you relax, Keith, M.D., says music can actually make you healthier. “It changes the physiological energy or pattern in the system and, as we’ve seen with some research, may help the immune system do its job better”.

Three months after beginning music therapy, Carol considered herself migraine-free. Now, nearly five years later, she’s still pleased.

Alonzo says even some people with chronic diseases can benefit from music therapy. “People who couldn’t even walk or talk sometimes sing and dance to the music,” he says. Carol adds, “Music heals. I believe that.”

Interested in trying music therapy for yourself? Alonzo recommends relaxing to your favorite tunes, eyes shut, without interruption, for at least half-an-hour a day.

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