Multiple sclerosis

The cause is unknown, but it may fit into the “autoimmune” group of diseases, where the body’s immune system attacks itself. The myelin sheath around the nerves and the brain is slowly destroyed, causing short circuits and malfunction of the nerves. Imagine damage to the plastic coating around an electrical wire. Multiple sclerosis patients tend to relapse with stepwise deteriorations.

Doctors can
• Usually nothing. Some doctors try steroids or immune suppressors but these usually do not have any benefit.

A positive mental approach is very important and may in itself reduce relapses.

• Plenty of rest and regular exercise are beneficial. Avoid getting over tired.
• Some people suggest bowel cleansing and a low stress diet to see if this reduces the relapses.
• Do hair mineral analysis for heavy metal toxicity, and check the teeth for excess mercury, infected root canals or jaw cavitations.
• If there is anything which precedes a relapse (stress, pollen, changes in temperature, dietary change), try to avoid these.

Nutritional supplements

• A good multimineral makes sure that brain tissues have all the nutrients and minerals required to function perfectly.
• Omega 3 fish oils, 1-2 grams daily. This is very important for good brain function. Because MS is a disease affecting the nerves, a high omega 3 intake can be very beneficial. It may also reduce the relapse rate and improve symptoms. In a small study of patients with multiple sclerosis, over 2 years the incidence of recurrences fell from 1.39 to 0.06 in those taking omega 3 fish oils, B vitamins and vitamin C.
• Calcium and magnesium, 800-1,000mg/day. Magnesium has a very calming effect, helps with sleep and enables people to cope better. It can also help with nerve function.
• Grape seed extract (proanthocyanidins) is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent and some people with multiple sclerosis find that taking high doses can help both with the severity and the frequency of the relapses.
• Vitamin C, 1-3 grams/day, is a powerful antioxidant which is essential in the repair of fibrous tissue and may help the repair of the myelin sheaths round the nerves.
• Because the muscles can become weak, exacerbating tiredness, Coenzyme Q10 can be helpful to improve energy.
• Whenever there is an exacerbation of the multiple sclerosis, the Co Q10 and grape seed extract should be greatly increased, b up to 3 or 4 times the usual dose, and may well prevent the relapse.

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