Morning Sickness Solution

It’s the number one complaint of pregnancy, but ironically, no one really knows what to do about it. Morning sickness afflicts up to ninety percent of pregnant women and its complications result in over fifty thousand hospital admissions each year. Managing morning sickness has been a mystery — up until now that is.

Cheese puffs and lemonade were some of the only foods C.C. Pelmas could keep down during the early weeks of her pregnancy.

C.C. Pelmas, Suffered from morning sickness:
“I didn’t eat salad or vegetables for five weeks. I didn’t touch anything that had grown from anything for five weeks.”

Like many pregnant women, C.C. experienced the horrible nausea of morning sickness. But with the help of registered dietitian, she discovered some surprising strategies for controlling the symptoms. The best advice ….forget about the four food groups and eat what you want.

Miriam Erick, M.S., R.D.:
“We’re looking to get over the crisis and once that’s over, we can talk about healthy eating. But in the meantime, any calorie that goes down, stays down and has appeal, is the calorie that somebody should go for.”

Erick, whose research and recommendations appear in a new book and videotape, says morning sickness starts in a woman’s nose. Ordinary odors, like coffee, garlic and perfume, are so offensive, they can make a woman sick to her stomach.

Miriam Erick, M.S., R.D.:
“These women have what I call the radar nose of pregnancy and they smell everything and everything bothers them.”

That’s why she tells her patients to sniff a lemon. Many say it perks them up and makes them feel better.

Ellen O’Donnell-Ali:
“Even seeing a lemon-fresh Clorox commercial, it was just the idea, there was something about the smell of lemons that was soothing and wouldn’t set me off to feel nauseous.”

Ellen O’Donnell-Ali had severe morning sickness for six months. But in the end, she says it was worth it.

Dehydration from severe nausea and vomiting is a dangerous consequence of morning sickness and can land a woman in the hospital. Erick warns that a woman who hasn’t been able to eat or drink anything for more than twenty four hours should contact her health care provider immediately.

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