Migraine Relief

Some 23 million Americans suffer from migraines. They can be disabling and not easily cured. A approved drug may provide relief.

A mother of four, Sharon suffered from migraine headaches for 18 years. “I was at the point where I didn’t want to live like this,” she says. “You know, if it was going to be this bad for the rest of my life, I’d rather just die.”

Other migraine patients feel just as desperate. Katty says, “You’d rather be run over by a truck, I think, than have a migraine, it starts to get to the point where you plan your life around your headaches.” “They’re a waste of life. They’re depressing. They’re nauseating. They’re awful.”

A drug called Maxalt will provide the relief these patients are looking for. The benefit of Maxalt is that it will cut a migraine short or eliminate it if taken properly.

Here’s how it works. Migraine headaches are caused when blood vessels surrounding the brain become swollen or dilated. Taken in time, Maxalt constricts these vessels while blocking pain signals.

There have been many studies to show its efficacy, and it has proven to work very well in many patients. A study by the San Francisco Headache Clinic found Maxalt relieved migraine symptoms faster and more effectively than similar drugs.

Nobody should suffer migraines in silence. People should see their physicians and ask them about the newer advances in migraine medicine.

Maxalt may have side effects. The most common are sleepiness and dizziness. Contact your doctor to find out if this drug is right for you.

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