Laugh Until It… Doesn’t Hurt

Whatever you’re doing, stop right now. Take a moment… and laugh. If you can’t muster a knee-slapping, gut-knotting hoot, even a giggle will do. With enough chuckles, you just might do things like lower your blood pressure, strengthen your immune system, improve your cognitive function, and even expedite healing.

Long before laughter therapy was serious business, a good guffaw carried a reputation of being the best medicine. Now science backs up that claim, even proving that you burn as many calories as 15 minutes on an exercise bike when you double up in stitches.

But too often it’s left off the checklist for healthy living, mainly because people forget to lighten up. Cue the cackles with these prods to your funny bone:

Tickle your senses. Turn off the drama and pop in a classic sitcom. Try comedy radio shows. Read funny literature.

Replay amusement. Recall a funny conversation with a friend, a humorous anecdote. A situation that once brought you laughter will likely do it again as a rerun.

Gravitate toward emotional sunshine. Sit with coworkers who laugh aloud. Meander by a playground. Laughter truly is contagious, so become infected by those who do it often.

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