Kick the Soda Can

Soft drinks drain your body of essential nutrients. Most sodas contain phosphoric acid and caffeine, which can deplete your body’s calcium stores and natural fluids. Plus you’re likely to consume them in place of other liquids (like water, fruit and vegetable juices, or milk) your body needs.

They add plenty more, too. With 150 calories and 40 grams of sugar in your average 12-ounce can, cola can quickly tack on extra pounds and make you vulnerable to other health problems.

Studies link the country’s high soda intake (including diet versions) to metabolic syndrome — a condition that increases your risk for obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. And the Center for Science in the Public Interest argues they contribute to osteoporosis, dental decay, kidney problems… even cancer.

Try these healthier alternatives to reduce the soft drinks in your diet:

Water. The top hydration source, it lacks any negative side effects. If you suffer from H2O boredom, squeeze a little lemon and add a hint of honey.

Iced green tea. Known for its antioxidants, green tea provides health benefits and quenches your thirst when it calls for a little flavor enhancement.

Fruit spritzers. If you crave that fizzy carbonation, try 100% fruit juice with club soda.

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