Insider’s Tips

All is not lost if an autumn chill or fall shower spoils your outdoor walk. You can still step up without stepping out thanks to these indoor improvisations:

Shop-co. Shopping malls often open early for fitness folks before the stores are unlocked. Take advantage of these distances, which are comparable to tracks, and join other walkers in circling the complex. Walk up and down the escalator or stairs to intensify your workout. Discount warehouses, super centers, and mega home improvement stores also provide plenty of space for covering ground. Traipse up and down the aisles and along the perimeter.

Homemade. If you own a personal treadmill, dust it off and climb aboard. But even if you don’t, your house can be transformed into a mini-gym. Use your garage, basement, or largest room as a micro-track, walking around and up and down the length of its sides. Incorporate lunges and high-knee raises to compensate for the limited space. Use your housework as an excuse to traverse your entire house — you’d be surprised how many footprints you can leave if you stay mobile during the day.

Concourse. Your local train station and airport are full of restless pedestrians darting back and forth — perfect terminals for your own vigorous ramble. With ample space, and late-night/early-morning operating hours, these travel spots are ideal for foot treks.

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