The Hunger Zone

When you’re trying to lose weight, it seems like your stomach is growling more than ever. As you adjust eating habits, you may truly be experiencing more episodes of hunger or you may be more focused on food and misreading your body’s signals:

Watch out for emotional eating. Before you eat, ask yourself “Am I hungry or am I stressed?” If you’re feeling anxiety or some other emotion, deal with it in a positive way — exercise, relax, meditate, or talk with someone you trust.

Snack. Yes… snack! There’s no need to abolish between-meal snacks just because you’re trying to lose weight. Just choose healthful and satisfying foods such as sliced vegetables, a handful of almonds, a piece of fruit, or a few whole wheat crackers.

Enjoy your meals. To avoid overeating, sit down and eat slowly. It takes 20 minutes for your brain to receive the message that you’re full. So relax and savor the flavor.

Don’t shop for groceries when you’re hungry. Also, have a list and stick to it — otherwise, you’re more likely to make food purchases you’ll regret.

Hungry decisions tend to be poor ones. Think before eating — make sure you understand the source of your hunger and feed the need accordingly. With smart decisions, you can lose weight and manage your hunger.

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