Hidden dangers to diet pills

For many, diet pills can be the solution to years of living with obesity. But for some people there are hidden dangers to these pills. The problem arises during surgery when and if patients don’t tell their doctors about the pills. It’s a secret that could wind up being deadly.

It’s estimated that more than a million-and-a-half people took the weight loss drug last year. It may be their answer for weight loss, but as with any drug, there are dangers.

If you’re going in for surgery and you’re taking a diet pill, here’s a warning.

It’s important to know that if you are taking these diet pills and you do not tell your anesthesiologist or your surgeon, your risk of dying under anesthesiology is about 1,000 times higher than a normal patient.”

Here’s why: the drugs deplete the body’s own storage of adrenaline. Under the stress of anesthesia, blood pressure and heart rate can fall to very low levels. It may be very difficult for the anesthesiologist to treat.

When trouble does arise, there’s no time.

A patient can go from absolutely normal to having no blood pressure, no pulse rate and clinically dead in 3-5 minutes. If something’s not done immediately in another 3-5 minutes, this person is irreversible.

Some doctors are being extremely cautious right now while they learn more about the connection. In the meantime, if you’re taking diet pills and you’re planning surgery, tell your doctor.

Most likely, your doctor will ask you to stop taking the medication two weeks prior to your surgery.

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