Hepasil DTX™

Hepasil DTX™

Are you on a detox diet for weight loss? Supplement your diet with Hepasil DTX™.

USANA Hepasil DTX™ uses InCelligence Detox-Support Complex to support liver functions particularly balances detox processes of your body.

Liver works hard to free your body of toxins and completely healthy. Hepasil DTX™ helps the organ to detoxify the body. This unique formula is a super-effective blend of vital nutrients that supports your body’s natural processes.

Hepasil DTX™ supplements prove helpful in multiple ways:

  • Induced with InCelligence Detox-Support Complex, Hepasil DTX™ supplies a wide range of phytochemicals, particularly green-tea extract, broccoli concentrate, milk-thistle extract and USANA’s Olivol® olive extract.
  • Uses Nutritional Hybrid Technology, USANA composes an exclusive liver-support supplement that combines incompatible nutrients into a single bi-layer tablet.
  • Helps with detoxification processes of the liver that help boost your overall health, energy levels, as well as promotes weight loss.