Healthy Heart Foods

Salmon is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids (along with most fish). Substitute your red cuts of meat with fish such salmon (tuna is another great option as well. It’s recommended that you eat foods with Omega-3 fatty acids at least twice a week for a healthy heart!

Blueberries contain beta-carotene, which is an antioxidant that can improve your heart’s health. Additionally, it boosts your immune system to prevent your body from being vulnerable to sickness. Blueberries are also high in fiber.

Spinach is high in potassium and folic acid which both defend against high blood pressure. Spinach is overall a great addition to your diet because of all the nutrients it provides. Substitute your iceberg lettuce with spinach.

Oatmeal has been show to lower cholesterol and reduce the chance of heart disease. Since it’s a whole grain, it’s fiber content is high and can prevent weight gain.

Brown rice is high in fiber, niacin, and magnesium. Switching from white rice to brown rice may reduce your chances of diabetes since white rice does not contain the nutrient dense parts of the grain. Eat some brown rice with steamed veggies for dinner.

Carrots contain alpha-carotene and fiber. Alpha-carotene is a powerful anti-oxidant which fights against heart disease. It’s been studied that alpha-carotene supplements do not provide the same effects against heart disease in comparison of carrots.

Nuts contain the heart healthy monosaturated fats with low levels of saturated fats. They’re full of vitamins and minerals that can prevent heart disease. Nuts are a great alternative compared to chips, pretzels, and other salty snacks.

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