Have you fed your brain lately?

Have you ever wondered what happens to the food you eat every day? Vitamins, minerals and other nutrients from your diet help to nourish your body, passing through blood vessels to your internal organ and skin.

But how about your brain, your body’s nerve center, and the main organ that controls the body’s activities? The human brain is made up of about 100 billion neurons or nerve cells. Each neuron functions by receiving and conveying signals to other neurons.

Like the other cells in your body, the brain cells need energy to function properly. If you are to feed your body with all essential nutrients to keep it in tip-top shape, you also cannot neglect the brain for it to remain healthy.

Just like your body, the brain experiences strain every day from many lifestyle factors, with stress being a major culprit. Chronic cumulative stress of normal, everyday life can cause a gradual decline in the levels of a particular brain chemical known as serotonin.

Healthy levels of serotonin are required for the brain neurons to communicate with each other, improving its ability to perform at its peak. Suppression of serotonin levels is associated with poor memory, depression, anxiety, fatigue, and sleep problems.

Given these scenarios, it is important to always keep your brain not just healthy but also fit at the same time. A healthy brain is free from diseases like Alzheimer’s Disease while keeping the brain fit improves its ability to perform at its peak and maintaining it this way for as long as possible.

Scientists at the BRAND’s Brain Research Center recently discovered two peptides, Carnosine and ProBeptigen found in BRAND’s Essence of Chicken which help to keep the brain healthy and fit.

A special manufacturing process extracts these two peptides from chicken and makes them as a health food drink to complement one’s diet and nourish the brain.

Carnosine protects the brain against cellular damage that accumulates as you age, keeping your brain healthy and free from diseases.

Absorption of Carnosine into the body is best in the morning. Dr. Paramjeet Singh, chief scientist and head of BRAND’s Brain Research Center, said, “You may want to take BRAND’s Essence of Chicken after breakfast or mid-morning to reap optimal benefits.”

Researches also showed that Carnosine can suppress secondary complications of diabetes, cancer and other age-related concerns for the brain.

The other peptide, ProBeptigen, sustains serotonin levels in the brain. It promotes brain fitness so that peak performance is possible, even when one is under stress.

BRAND’s Essence of Chicken was discovered in 1835 by Henderson William Brand in order to reverse the failing health of King George IV.

With over 176 years of heritage, BRAND’s has earned the loyalty of many. In the health food industry, BRAND’s has pioneered in investing in scientific and clinical research to prove its product benefits and investigate the mechanisms behind how the products work.

BRAND’s Essence of Chicken is a health food drink that is free of fat, cholesterol and preservatives. It is an extract of fine quality chicken in easily digestible form and hygienically processed under high temperature that gives it a unique flavor and is best consumed when chilled.

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