Let Those Habits Go

While Americans enjoy freedoms others only dream about, we’re all vulnerable to habits that shackle self-mastery over health… and happiness. Gain control and liberation with these tips:

Buddy up. Breaking a bad habit or starting a good one succeeds when determination slaps down intimidation. But your chances are greater if you back yourself up. Ask a friend or coworker to join your quest for independence. Keep each other accountable and provide encouragement, whether you’re trying to stop smoking or exercise daily. Flickering a little inspiration into someone else’s waning confidence can stir up your own motivating embers.

Make a plan and take it a step at a time. Whatever your goal, the bridge connecting it to your first step is a journey… of bold sprints, careful sidesteps, and a few stumbles. Establish markers of success — a rich dessert you passed up, a healthy snack alternative to your vending machine norm — along the way. When in doubt, consult your map. What is your intention? What challenges do you face? What tools do you need… and what burdens must you leave behind?

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