This Is for the Guys

If you’re a man — or if you have a man in your life — there’s something you should know. Preventive care isn’t just for women — but studies show that men are less likely to seek any type of healthcare.

Men are also more likely to engage in high–risk behaviors such as tobacco, illicit drugs, excessive alcohol — and they’re more likely than women to be overweight. Experts say this lack of healthcare and more high–risk behaviors could be why men generally get sicker and die earlier than women.

The good news is that regular preventive care allows problems to be detected early — when they’re often easier to treat.

Encourage the men in your life to take good care of themselves with these ideas:

Tell him you care. He may not know how much it matters to you that he gets a regular checkup.

Be a good example. Seek the healthcare you need and practice a healthy lifestyle.

Exercise together. Invite him to join you for a walk or sign up for a sports team.

Offer to schedule his healthcare visits. You shouldn’t have to — but then you’ll know it’s done.

Go with him. Healthcare visits can be intimidating; you can support him and take notes.

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