Ginkgo and Ginseng


Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba) is an herbal extract that comes from the leaves of the ginkgo tree. This tree, also called the maidenhair tree, grows in China. Ginkgo is said to improve circulation and cognitive abilities.

Functions of Ginkgo

• Decreases blood clotting (antagonist of platelet-aggregating factor)
• Decreases inflammation
• Enhances learning and memorization
• Helps prevent memory loss and improve brain function
• Improves circulation
• Improves mood
• Increases acetylcholine synthesis
• Increases oxygen to the brain by increasing blood supply (by dilating vessels)
• Increases serotonin receptors
• Increases uptake of glucose
• Is an antioxidant and prevents membrane damage
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Side effects and contraindicaitons

People who experience headaches, nausea, vomiting, or dizziness when taking ginkgo should stop taking it. Also, you should not take ginkgo if you are on blood thinners, pregnant, or taking an MAOI inhibitor. If you are taking cyclosporine, papverine, thiazide diuretics, or trazodone, consult your doctor before taking ginkgo.

Diseases/disorders that Ginkgo can treat or protect against

Alzheimer’s disease, Asthma, Depression, Diabetic retinopathy (damaged blood vessels in eyes as a result of long-term diabetes), Glaucoma, Headaches, Heart disease, Impotence, Macular degeneration, Memory loss, Peripheral vascular disease, claudication, or decreased circulation, all of which can result in leg pains, Raynaud’s disease (restricted blood flow to extremities), and Tinnitus (ringing in ears)


Ginseng (Panax) is a family of herbs that are believed to have strong medicinal benefits. These herbs are often found in energy drinks and other health products, but usually not in effective dosages. Supplements, on the other hand, offer ginseng’s full benefits. There are two popular types of ginseng: American and Asian. Ancient Chinese and Korean medicine believed that Asian ginseng contributed to the body’s yang energy and that American ginseng contributed to the body’s yin energy. However, the two forms have many similar medicinal effects. USANA Rev3 Energy drink contains a complete and proprietary Energy Complex with L-carnitine, tea, ginseng, rhodiola, cacao, ribose, citrate, malate, and coenzyme Q10

American Ginseng

American ginseng can enhance your immune system while also improving your memory and mental capabilities. It is also speculated that American ginseng may be effective in treating breast cancer when prescribed in tandem with chemotherapy.

Functions of American Ginseng

• Helps control menopausal symptoms
• Helps you deal with stress
• Increases energy
• Is an adaptogen (strengthens the body’s resistance to stress)
• Is an antioxidant
• Lowers blood sugar levels
• Lowers insulin levels
• May improve memory
• Strengthens the immune system

Recommended dosage – 125 to 500 milligrams daily for one month, followed by two weeks abstinence. If you are taking American ginseng to lower your blood sugar, consume thirty to forty minutes before meals.

Side effects – although American ginseng can be very useful for people with diabetes because it an lower blood sugar levels, this process should be monitored by a doctor. Ginseng should always be taken with food so that it doesn’t lower your blood sugar level too dramatically. Do not take ginseng with blood thinners because it can stop your blood from clotting appropriately. If you are taking haloperidol, morphine, or an MAO inhibitor, see your doctor before taking ginseng. It can also cause the following side effects. Anxiety, Headaches, Insomnia and Restlessness.

Asian Ginseng

Asian ginseng, also called Chinese ginseng and Korean ginseng, is available in two forms: red and white. They are prepared differently. White ginseng is dried, while red ginseng is steamed. Although both are common and available, the red form is preferred for medicinal purposes because the active ingredients are broken down when white ginseng is dried out. (Although red ginseng is dried, too, the steaming process done first prevents this breakdown).

Functions of Asian Ginseng

• Decreases bloating and fullness
• Decreases depression
• Enhances heart function
• Helps increase physical endurance
• Helps relieve insomnia and restlessness
• Helps relieve stress and anxiety
• Helps with forgetfulness
• Helps with glucose metabolism
• Improves mood
• Increases energy
• Increases mental abilities
• Is an adaptogen (strengthens the body’s resistance to stress)
• Relieves lethargy and fatigue
• Stimulates immune function
• Support adrenal glands

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