Gather in the Garden

Delicious vegetables, berries, and herbs are just a few of the payoffs of planting your own garden — and you don’t need acres of land to get the job done. Even a pocket–sized patch of soil — or containers — can produce a worthwhile harvest.

Tending a garden puts you in touch with your food — literally. You’ll know where it’s coming from as well as who’s handled it. And the flavor of just–picked produce can’t be beat — you can’t buy food any fresher.

Cultivate good nutrition and a healthy sense of accomplishment by growing your own:

  • Locate your garden where it will get at least 6 hours of sun each day
  • Lettuce, carrots, radishes, and tomatoes are great beginner crops; choose varieties that do well in small spaces
  • Create rich soil for your garden by composting; reduce your garbage output by adding table scraps and yard waste to your compost pile
  • Avoid big water bills by collecting rainwater
  • Involve the whole family in planting, weeding, and tending your garden — it’s a great way for everyone to experience the joys of working hard for future rewards.

For more information on container gardening, visit West Virginia University’s Extension.

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