Foot Fancy

More and more we hear how modern medicine works hand in hand with ancient science to help heal the body. While the ancient methods may seem far-fetched, they have a host of supporters.

This may look like a simple foot massage — but according to Charlotte, it’s really an ancient healing art. She’s a registered reflexologist in Parkville, Mo.

Charlotte, “Reflexology is based on the theory that these are areas in the feet and hands that correspond to every system in the body. You name the system, and we can work on it through the hands and feet.”

Charlotte says she can increase circulation to any part of the body through pressure points on the hands and feet.

Mary is a regular client. A skeptic at first, she still doesn’t know the science behind it, but says it definitely brings her relief and relaxation.

Mary, “It takes a lot of soreness away from my feet and legs. At first you just feel relaxed. Then you notice you have resiliency.”

Reflexologists say they can even treat certain disorders. A 1996 Chinese study claims success in six areas ranging from vertigo to diabetes.

Charlotte doesn’t consider reflexology treatments an alternative to modern medicine but feels there are definite health benefits when the two work hand in hand.

Reflexology is still not a widely-accepted practice in the United States. In fact, in some states, licensing falls under the umbrella of “adult entertainment.” In 11 states, it is considered a part of massage therapy.

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