Focal Check

It’s National Eye Exam Month, which means your peepers could use a check-up. But even if your sight is 20/20, your perspective may be a little skewed. Refocus negative outlooks with these tips for correcting pessimistic vision:

Practice gratitude. Select something to be grateful for today. It can be as trivial as a series of green lights en route to work, or as profound as the birth of a new family member. We all encounter shimmers of hope throughout the day — take a moment to bask in them.

Exercise. It’s not a new concept, but one that bears repeating: Physical activity unlocks biochemical responses that can actually change your mood. But besides the endorphin rushes that unleash positive energy and restoration, the sense of accomplishment enhances not just your self-esteem, but your self-efficacy — the belief that your efforts can improve your life.

Reach out and help someone. If you view your cup as half empty, pour some of it out on someone else. You’ll be surprised how full it really looks… and is. Regain your perspective by opening up to the world around you, seeing the realities of others, and lending a hand.

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