Your Fitness Gear Up

Why let a little snow keep you from your fitness goals? Get in gear with the stay-toasty workout wear.

1. Snow Warm

Out for a stroll or hitting the slopes? The fleece lining in these water-resistant pants will keep you warm and dry.

2. Hot Head

Hate itchy wool hats? This super-soft acrylic beanie will keep your head (and you!) warm when you hit the track or the ice rink.

3. Base layer

When you’re on the move, this fitted zipper-neck shirt pulls on and off easily. Plus, it’s lightweight enough to tie around your waist.

4. Toasty Toes

Lined waterproof boosts are a must for all-weather walkers; this model boasts extra traction on the soles to prevent slips.

5. Ear Gear
Try this take on ear warmers: The wraparound design is perfect if you’re walking to work because it won’t’ mess up your hair.

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