Fitness Fighters

Exercise ruts are common — kick and punch your way out of it with a martial arts fitness program. You can boost your strength, coordination, and flexibility, reduce stress and anger, and increase self–confidence and social interaction.

Here are some fundamentals:

  • Karate. Not just for kids, this physical style focuses on self–defense strikes and discipline.
  • Judo. In this offshoot of wrestling, practitioners use leverage, throws, trips, and takedowns.
  • Boxing. Fighting with their fists, pugilists achieve great cardiovascular durability.
  • Tae kwon do. Similar to karate, this practice has more elaborate kicking techniques.
  • Kickboxing. This intense sport combines boxing and kicking — requiring both offensive and defensive skills.
  • Tai chi. A “soft” form of martial arts, tai chi uses slow, meditative exercises and breathing techniques to achieve strength and relaxation.

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