Fast Break

Even though sitting and chewing is the best way to eat, some days just don’t give you time to pull up a chair. Dubbed the most important meal of the day, breakfast often takes a backseat to a java jolt. For those hectic times, try these grab–and–go ideas that kick off the morning on the right foot.

  • Eat small, hand–held items over the span of an hour to cover your food groups while avoiding mess and hassle:
  • Pop a slice of whole grain bread in the toaster and comb your hair while it browns. Top with peanut butter, avocado, or cottage cheese and snack as you tend to other activities.
  • Boil up hard–boiled eggs and stash them in the fridge. You can crack and peel the shell, sprinkle a little pepper on top, and dash out the door in the time it takes to brew the coffee.
  • Bring a banana or apple with you and eat it as you walk from the parking lot to your desk.

Prepare dense meals in advance to fuel your energy stores and meet your protein needs:

  • Slow–cook oatmeal in the crock pot the night before — add some milk, dried fruit, and almond slices for a complete hot meal that fills you up in no time.
  • Create a power parfait — mixing berries, flaxseed, and your favorite whole grain cereal into low–fat yogurt.

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