Exercise Could Prevent Pregnancy Disorder

Exercising during pregnancy could help prevent preeclampsia, according to a new report. Preeclampsia is a disorder in pregnancy that can lead to the death of the mother and/or the baby.

Preeclampsia is often diagnosed when a mother-to-be develops high blood pressure and specific protein in her urine. Currently, there are no preventive treatments for preeclampsia because medical professionals are still not sure what causes it.

Nurses at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor report exercise may help prevent preeclampsia by reducing what is called oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is a general term used to describe a state of damage caused by oxygen at a molecular level. The nurses report regular exercise increases a beneficial enzyme in pregnant women, which in turn reduces oxidative stress. They add that it seems when exercise is done regularly; the body adjusts so that oxidative stress is eliminated or reduced.

The nurses say, in theory, it looks like exercise could be the key to preventing preeclampsia in pregnant women. However, a clinical trial to test this theory is currently underway and the results are not in yet. They do point out exercise during pregnancy is a positive and healthy lifestyle addition that can be done without side effects.

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