Eat to beat Prostate Cancer

IS THERE SUCH a thing as a prostate cancer diet? Not exactly, but there’s a long list of nutrients that have been linked to decreasing the risk and/or the progression of cancer, although more proof is still needed.

Among the nutrients that have shown promising results in studies to date:

■ Soy protein (genisteins)
■ Cruciferous vegetables (e.g., broccoli and cabbage) and dark greens
■ Tomatoes (lycopene)
■ Vitamins A, D and E
■ Red wine and dark chocolate (resveratrol)
■ Salmon and walnuts
(omega-3 fatty acids)
■ Beer hops (xanthohumols)

Just remember that everything works best in moderation. “If you’re exercising, keeping your weight down, eating fruits
and vegetables, and eating less red meat, some studies suggest that you may reduce your risk of prostate cancer as well
as the known reduction in heart disease,” says Dr. J. Brantley Thrasher, a urologist at the University of Kansas Medical
Center, and an American Urological Association spokesperson.

Source: Costco Connection

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