Downsize your dinner plate

Smaller portions = smaller pants

You’ve been eating clean for weeks and months now but you’re getting sooo frustrated that the weight isn’t just falling off. “How come it is for everyone else? Why not me? I’m eating my five or six meals. I don’t even cheat (or as I say, treat)! I exercise three or four times a week and still the scale won’t budge!”

It is possible to be an “over” Clean eater. You think, “Oh wow! I’m eating healthy foods; now I can eat even more!” Let’s just stop right there: Yes you are making great food choices, and you are probably eating more than you used to, but that doesn’t mean you can eat an infinite amount of it. Your body has a limit on its gas tank (stomach) and too much Clean fuel will build up and add fat. You need to get in tune with your body, your metabolism and your stomach. Listen to your body’s natural ability to tell you when you’re full and when you’re hungry. Even healthy foods need to be consumed in balance.

Perhaps you need to take a look at your portion sizes. Learn to be mindful of how much food and ultimately how many calories you are putting into your stomach. Being mindful of how much you consume has nothing to do with calorie counting and everything to do with listening to your body – and really listening. I call this your “stomach sense”. Are you hungry? Or are you thirsty? Listen to when you are full and listen to when you’re hungry. Eat or don’t eat according to the signals. In the beginning it is hard to determine what these signals are, and that is why one of your eat clean diet? Principles is to measure your food in the palm of your hand! Soon it will all become second nature.

• 1 serving lean protein = palm of your hand
• 1 serving of complex carbs from whole grains = one cupped hand
• 1 serving of complex carbs from fresh fruits or vegetables = two cupped hands together

Smaller portions allow your body to function on the fuel I actually needs and not the food you simply eat based on desire, meaning less is stored as fat. Lighten up your meals and you’ll feel a lot lighter too – not to mention you will be in dire need of smaller pants!

Buddha called this “the middle way” and Goldilocks called it “just right”. So just like Buddha and Goldilocks, do some metabolism meditation and find you eat-clean middle ground.

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