Don’t Go Overboard on Nutrition Fads

If zoot suits came back in style, you wouldn’t go out and replace your entire wardrobe, would you? Nutrition advice comes and goes like the latest fashions. When an item is labeled “superfood” it starts showing up everywhere — but you needn’t buy into every nutrition fad that comes along.

When a particular food is suddenly all over the news and being advertised heavily, you can almost guarantee that a manufacturer or producer is behind all the hype. While that’s reason enough to raise a questioning eyebrow, it doesn’t necessarily mean the data is inaccurate.

Consider acai berries. A few years ago, most North Americans had never even heard of acai. Now it’s being touted by many as the new miracle food. Acai is undeniably nutritious — packed with antioxidants — but many foods offer similar benefits.

Some people go a little wild when a new “it” food hits the airwaves, buying the item in everything from supplements to shampoo. But remember: a healthy diet consists of a wide variety of foods — including fruits and vegetables in all colors of the rainbow, lean protein, and whole grains. So while certain trendy choices may be a good addition to your diet, keep your nutrition know-how in mind and don’t go overboard.

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