Diet plan – Jillian Michaels

Even if you’ve always been into exercise, what with your desk job, your kids, and only 24 hours in a day, it’s easy for a few extra pounds to sneak onto your once-flat stomach.

Diet to try Jillian Michaels may have what it takes to get you back in shape. You’ve probably seen the tough-love trainer in her role as life coach on Biggest Loser, but she also has an online diet and fitness program that you can customize to work with your individual goals. It’s difficult to generalize about the diet, because each is geared to work with your specific metabolism level to burn fat more quickly. The diet involves eating a combination of lean protein, healthy fat, and complex carbs at every meal or snack and emphasizes portion and calorie control. Michaels also recommends adapting new habits, such as not eating after 9:00 p.m., consuming primarily whole or minimally processed foods, and taking steps to avoid environmental toxins, all in the interest of maximizing your metabolism. Not surprisingly, she also heartily endorses exercise, which should be right up your alley. She points out that one reason many women don’t lose weight by exercise alone is that increased activity can also increase your appetite. So by accounting for your activity level and providing you with an at-home work-out plan, this program can balance your routine with meal-planning advice that will help you lose weight.

Watch out for Getting hung up on when you eat any given food. You could also et after 8:30 p.m. as long as you don’t exceed your quota of choices.

Food limitations Overly processed foods are discouraged, as are starchy vegetables; you shouldn’t consume caffeine and alcohol to excess.

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