Decaffeinated Boost

While a caffeine jolt can resuscitate your sluggish battery, it’s not always a good call. The stimulant may cause jitters and may subject you to withdrawal symptoms when you go without. So before you trudge off for a coffee break, consider some of these noncaffeinated shots in the arm:

  • Flip on the lights. Illumination naturally arouses your mind and body. Pull the curtains open or turn on another lamp. Better yet, get outside and soak up a few sunrays to kick your engine back into gear.
  • Get enthusiastic. Dwelling on negatives can sap vigor. In the midst of a power down, think about something you’re genuinely excited about: going out to dinner this weekend, a new CD waiting to be played on the way home, or the upcoming holiday. A positive outlook can activate the release of endorphins, recharging your psychological and physical battery.
  • Dunk your head. Take a shower if you can to reactivate your oomph. Or fill a bowl or sink with ice cubes and water and take the plunge — there’s nothing like a splash of cold water on your face to help rinse away lethargy.
  • Hit the play button. Athletes get pumped using music, so why not you? Cue up your favorite upbeat tunes to vanquish the sloth within.

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