A Day for Dogs

If you’ve pondered parenting a pup, consider the rewards: Pets can help you cope with physical and mental pain, boost your social interactions, and increase your physical activity.

There are many good reasons to adopt from a shelter or rescue. With hundreds of breeds available, finding the right pet–owner match is crucial. So, ask yourself what you’re looking for:

  • Personality: Some breeds are hyper, nonstop dynamos who constantly crave attention. Others are subdued and enjoy lounging on your lap.
  • Size: Larger dogs require more food and prefer bigger yards.
  • Age: It’s more difficult to train a puppy than an adult. The youngsters require more bathroom breaks outside and need more owner interaction.
  • Cleanliness: Neat freaks beware: Breeds with long coats shed often and just about everywhere. Remember that a puppy will make many messes on your carpet before they’re fully house broken.

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