CoQuinone® 100

A highly potent capsule containing Coenzyme Q10 along with alpha-lipoic acid.

CoQuinone® 100 functions at cellular level as it’s a nutrient-rich capsule. CoQuinone® 100 helps the mitochondrial complex, the powerhouse of a cell, to create more energy. CoQuinone® 100 provides ample nutrition to cells for production of energy that supports increased muscle usage, high-energy demand of heart and brain.

Compared to CoQuinone® 30, the potency of this supplement is tripled to fulfil your nutritional needs with lesser capsule intake.

USANA CoQuinone® 100 is super-beneficial for overall energy boost and nutritional fulfilment.

  • Boosts energy production at cellular level
  • Provides nutrients that are vital for cardiovascular health, healthy muscle functioning, and nerve functions.
  • Clinically far more bioavailable compared to its other forms
  • Contains powerful antioxidants to fight off oxidative stress that consumes maximal energy.