Color Your World

According to recent research, color paints your perspective, thoughts, feelings, even your cognitive function — suggesting that when it comes to the spectrum of light, there’s more than meets the eye. Before choosing hues for your décor and clothing, consider these points:

Red has connotations of anger, urgency, and lust. One study found that participants actually fared better on detail-oriented tasks when conducted within a red setting. Crimson also excites biochemical responses that raise blood pressure and pulse rate — beneficial if you need bursts of energy or motivation, but not recommended for falling asleep, meditating, or pacifying anxiety.

Blue stimulates calming hormones, explaining its connection to tranquility and serenity. And research shows that blue inspires creativity. Fashion experts recommend wearing blue to job interviews because it signifies loyalty and hard work. Not only has research found productivity to be higher among workers in sapphire environments, but one study found that weightlifters handled heavier weights in an azure-toned gym.

Green reflects nature — symbolizing fertility, tranquility, and peace — and has been found to decrease stress and depression.

Yellow pours out rays of optimism and energy — evoking your muse and alertness.

White suggests innocence and purity, which explains its association with simplicity and cleanliness. The color also may inspire your nesting instinct and encourage de-cluttering of both physical and mental space.

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