Charting New Waters

Is the monotony of life chewing up your adventurous spirit and holding you back from real changes? Use lessons from the controversial Christopher Columbus to seek a fresh frontier and discover a whole new world:

Chart a course and seek support. Writing down your intentions transfers them from virtual ideas into tangible visions. Outline not only what you want but what you need to get there. Then consult others in your quest. Whether it’s a friend, counselor, or someone who’s paved the way, don’t be too proud to enlist help and advice.

Set sights on the horizon, but concentrate on pulling away from the dock. Sometimes it’s difficult to pursue a goal if you’re too focused on the distance to reach it. But you can’t get there unless you untie the ropes holding you in place. So start with small objectives that not only support the long-term vision, but serve as accomplishments along the way.

Don’t worry about detours and mistakes — they can teach valuable lessons. Whether you’re aiming to lose weight, make a career switch, or change locations, your path to achieving it will ebb and flow. Appreciate the journey. Don’t get caught up in perfecting the path or you’ll never leave the harbor.

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