Can we get too much of Vitamin D?

BALTIMORE (Ivanhoe Newswire) — Vitamin D is hailed by many as the wonder vitamin. It can boost your immune system, ward off osteoporosis, help lower your blood pressure. But can it lower your risk for cancer?

Vitamin D: not enough of it can make us sick, but can we get too much of a good thing?

The latest study released by Mercy Medical Center shows that despite high hopes, vitamin D does not protect against non-Hodgkin lymphoma or cancers of the endometrial, esophagus, stomach, kidney, ovary or pancreas. Not only that, but vitamin D may actually cause a higher risk for one particular cancer.

“In pancreatic cancer, in high levels there’s an increase risk,” Dr. Helzlsouer said.

Dr. Helzlsouer says one major problem is people who are vitamin d deficient start taking prescription strength — and don’t stop when their levels reach normal.

Colon cancer is one cancer that the study did show vitamin D may have as positive effect on. The current recommended daily intake of vitamin D ranges from 200 international units to 600 units, depending on age.

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