Calming the Dragon

Though nobody likes to admit it, everyone has dragon breath from time to time. Bad breath is just an unpleasant fact of life. There are several reasons your breath may be a little sour:

Decrease in saliva. Your body doesn’t produce as much saliva while you’re sleeping, and that’s why many of us wake up to morning breath. Certain medicines also can cause a decrease in saliva.

Strong foods. Garlic, onions, and many other foods can lead to bad breath.

Health condition. Sinus infections, diabetes, acid-reflux, and other conditions can be the cause.

You can control bad breath in many ways:

Brush your teeth, tongue, gums, and the roof of your mouth at least twice daily

Gargle with water or medicated mouthwash

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables

Visit your dentist regularly

Chew on sugar-free gum or use dissolving breath strips

Eat at regular intervals (skipping meals can decrease saliva).

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