Burn Away Hair

Doctors say it’s non-invasive, quicker than a laser and less painful than the average hair removal technique. It’s called the epilight system. The new device is a customized approach to an age-old problem — unwanted hair.

Lilian suffers with dark, unwanted facial hair. “Oh my God, it’s very difficult because people look at you as strange and you feel ashamed,” she says.

Electrolysis and waxing are too painful, so she’s trying the epilight hair removal system. Doctors say the new technique staves off hair regrowth for well over six months.

Roger, a dermatological surgeon. “With three or four treatments hair has stayed away. At least 70 percent of the hair has stayed away for a period of nearly a year.”

The device is tailored to skin pigment, hair type, color and body location. Unlike a laser with one single wavelength, the epilight’s varied wavelengths hit hair follicles at all depths. No anesthesia is required. A gel helps the pulses of light get through the skin to penetrate the hair shaft and destroy it.

Roger, M.D., “The number of sessions is greatly reduced because we can treat over 100 hairs with one pulse of energy.”

There’s occasional redness, and for this 13-year-old, a superficial burn after treatment. But she says it beats the alternative. She has been waxing since she was 10 years old.

Mariana, patient, “I think it’s really great, ’cause it’s not that painful, and I’m seeing some really great results.”

The epilight system is available at doctors offices across the country.

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