Get to Know Your Breasts

“Knowing” your breasts is essential if you’re to spot when something changes. Examine them at least monthly, ideally seven to ten days after our period begins. This will allow the breast tissue to “settle” following ay changes related to your hormonal cycle.

    1) Stand topless in front of a mirror. Raise your arms. Look at your breasts. What’s their position on your chest? How would you describe their shape? Where do your nipples point? Has one breast become larger or changed position (usually lower) since last month? Look for any redness, or ulcerated or scaly areas on the nipples or breasts and for any dimples. Is there any swelling under your armpit or around your collarbone? Is there discharge from your nipple?

 2) Lie down on your back with your head on a pillow. Look at your right breast first. Raise your right arm, bend it at the elbow and put your forearm under your head. Using the tips of the fingers on your left hand, use a firm pressure to make small circles around the right breast and armpit. Can you feel any small lumps? Do any areas feel “thicker” or different to the rest of your breasts tissue? Carefully feel over the whole right breast; then repeat on the left.

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