Breast Cancer Quiz

You’ve heard about family history and the importance it plays in your risk of developing breast cancer. However, there’s not much you can do to change your genetics. What can you do to prevent breast cancer? Here’s what you eat can make a difference.

Ask a woman what contributes to breast cancer and you’ll hear a variety of answers, like family history and smoking. While those are true, dietician says food is important, too.

A lot of studies are showing that diet plays a significant role in the prevention of cancer, as well as fighting the cancer once it has developed.

Red wine gets plenty of news for its health benefits, but which one reduces breast cancer risk more? Wine or grapes? Actually you can get the same benefit from both. If you don’t drink alcohol, grapes have cancer-fighting chemicals and fiber.

Cookouts are fun, but did you know grilling can be a risk factor for cancer?

Many studies are showing that that excessive blackness that we get on our hamburgers is possibly carcinogenic.

Which is better for decreasing cancer risk — butter or margarine? Butter is slightly better. It has saturated fat, but not trans-fatty acids you find in margarine.

Three-fourths of your plate should contain fruits, vegetables, whole grains and beans and legumes, and only a fourth of it, mainly coming from animal meat.

Also, replace white rice with brown and aim for produce that’s deep in color. They have the most cancer-fighting compounds.

New research suggests caffeine may be a stimulant for breast cancer. Doctors recommend limiting your caffeine intake to one drink a day. Also, try to reduce weight gain. A gain of ten to twenty pounds can increase your risk for breast cancer.

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