Breakthrough Heart Disease Medications

High-Dose Statins

For people recovering from heart attacks, drugs called statins are already standard medicine. Statins, such as Pravachol and Lipitor help patients lower their cholesterol levels. According to the American Heart Association, 42 percent of heart attack victims die within the first year, making it important to lower cholesterol levels following a heart attack.

The studies show lowering heart attack victims’ cholesterol to levels dramatically below current standards appears to be an important strategy for saving lives and preventing new heart problems.

However, the latest research on statins showed although the higher dosages helped reduce subsequent cardiovascular events, the high-dose regimen may increase the risk for muscle-related complications.

Torcetrapib (CETP inhibitors)

Cholesterol tests are a common practice at doctor’s offices every year. Typically, a lot of attention is paid to levels of LDL that clogs arteries. However, recent evidence has indicated that levels of HDL (the good cholesterol that unclogs arteries) are equally important. Low HDL is one of the most common risk factors for heart disease.

The drug, called torcetrapib, has CETP-inhibitor properties and is designed to inhibit the cholesteryl ester transfer protein. In earlier study phases of torcetrapib, the drug was found to be most effective when given in combination with a statin drug.

Source: Ivanhoe News

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