Be a Bookworm

At all ages, avid readers enjoy reduced stress and anxiety, along with increased vocabulary, language, and comprehension skills. Here’s how to make reading a regular ritual:

  • Join a book club. You and like–minded company can discuss a work of the month and socialize at the same time — these groups can be found across the country.
  • Read outside. Catch some rays by taking your bestseller out on the porch, balcony, beach, or park bench.
  • Go to a coffee house. Sit down, grab a cup, and revel in 2 pleasures at once.
  • Buy a CD. Pressed for time? Audio books allow the option of listening in your car or on your headphones while exercising.
  • New technology. If reading an “old fashioned” paperback seems passé, consider an e–book.
  • Read before bed. Those who start reading 1 hour before bedtime often fall asleep more quickly and sleep more soundly.

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