Benefits of Water

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “getting back to nature,” but have you ever considered there might be a healthy reason behind the phrase?

Artist Clayton makes water fountains and finds the therapeutic effects of moving water go beyond what you hear and see. “The first time I ever did a show, a psychotherapist walks up to me, and she says, ‘Do you know what you’re doing?’ I said, ‘Yeah. I’m making fountains,’ and she said, ‘No. Do you know what you’re doing for people?'” recalls Clayton.

Therapist Carol practices a holistic system of medicine from India called Ayurveda, which says people are made up of five elements, one of which is water. Carol says water fountains create a calming and soothing effect for most people.

“It’s like a mantra in meditation,” says Carol. “It’s kind of a gentle focal point that helps calm people down.” Clayton agrees, “It seems like a lot of times I’m helping people.”

Listening to the soothing sounds of one of his fountains, Clayton says, “The sound that I’m hearing right now is alive.”

If you don’t have the time to build a fountain, they’re becoming more available on the market and can be found in many nature stores. The Ayurvedic Institute says that often the presence of moving water can be just as beneficial as the sound, but the results vary from person to person.

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