Battling Baldness

Just pop a pill and grow hair. Sound too good to be true? Maybe not. There’s a new pill that may do just that for some men. With more than 40 million American men battling bald spots, it’s welcome news.

After taking a pill every day for six months, Chad’s bald spots started to disappear. “To actually have hair come back is exciting,” says Chad.

Mark had similar results. “I didn’t think that you could actually take a pill and grow hair,” says Mark.

He was wrong! The pill is Propecia®, and it’s the first FDA-approved pill for baldness. It’s not a miracle cure, but in clinical trials, 48 percent of the men who took the pill every day for a year had some hair growth.

A dermatologist in Dallas, Tex. “I think we need to be realistic,” he says. “If we can either slow down the hair loss process or maybe even grow a few extra hairs, we’ll be doing very good.”

A side effect may slow any rush to try the pills. Two percent of those who took the pill suffered impotence or a loss of sexual desire. That’s because it works by reducing a body chemical that comes from the male hormone testosterone.

The only other FDA-approved drug is Rogaine, soon to be sold in a higher strength. Dr. says combining that with the new pill may provide the best hope yet. For Mark, a pill a day takes years away. “Right now I would have to say I’m 37 years old and probably look my age rather than 10 years older,” he says.

Propecia® is available in pharmacies around the country, but you’ll need a doctor’s prescription to get it. The daily pill will cost you about $50 a month. However, it’s not for women. The FDA warns women should never use Propecia® because it can cause birth defects.

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