Anti-Aging Beauty Foods

Cosmetics and beauty products are a $7 billion a year industry in the U.S. –money spent on expensive skin creams, treatments and potions that claim to make you look younger. But there are some natural beautifiers that will make your complexion and hair feel great without breaking the bank. We’ll take you to the kitchen for the answer!

We all want to look beautiful, but at what price? Last year there were 113,000 cosmetic Botox procedures. But it turns out one of the best wrinkle fighters could be in your fridge– Vitamin C. To see the benefits load up on papayas, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and bell peppers…you’ll need about 75 milligrams a day.

How about oysters? They’re full of zinc, which helps boost collagen production in our skin – plus can prevent or improve acne. Also Swiss chard. It has high amounts of biotin, the same stuff found in popular shampoos. This veggie will help strengthen both your hair and nails. Lastly, soybeans like edamame have omega 3’s known to give your skin a glowing look and can help fight against inflammation in the body. The answer to enhancing your beauty may only be a grocery-store trip away.

Also, Brazil nuts are full of selenium which is a trace mineral essential to good health and great skin. But don’t eat too much you only a couple nuts to reap the benefits.

(SOURCE: American Society Of Plastic Surgeons)

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